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Welcome to Seona

Seona is your personal SEO agency that will automatically improve your site’s SEO over time!
Seona does the three most important things needed to get your website to rank higher on search engines such as Google:
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    Identifying keywords your site needs to rank for
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      Seona will generate a list of keywords that are relevant to your business, and use SEO tools such as Semrush to find their monthly traffic and difficulty to rank. Seona then recommends keywords that are suited for your business, factoring in your business’s products, services, and your site’s domain authority. These keywords will be incorporated throughout the platform, including in the blog posts and code changes Seona recommends.
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    Write detailed and quality blog posts for your business
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      Seona then uses these keywords to write optimized blog posts that promote your site for customers searching for those keywords. Over time, this effort will lead to the site ranking higher for such words. Seona writes blogs weekly. Depending on your settings, Seona can also automatically post these blogs to your site weekly.
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    Automatically optimizes your website’s code without affecting it’s physical appearance
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      Seona also makes changes to various aspects of the websites code, such as optimizing your site’s page titles, descriptions, and missing tags. (See a full list and how Seona does it here). These changes make your website easier for search engines to crawl, and they promote your website for the keywords that you are aiming to rank for. Depending on your settings, Seona can also automatically post these code changes to your site weekly. Not to worry, the plugin that makes the magic happen does not impact your page’s appearance and page loading speed.

Logging into Seona

To log into your Seona dashboard, visit If you are already logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Otherwise, you will see Seona starting screen where you can input your business URL. To log in from the starting screen, click “Sign in” at the top right hand corner.

Handling multiple projects

You can add multiple Seona projects to one Style account! Here’s how to do so:
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    Make sure you’re logged into Seona.
  2. 2.
    Click on the dropdown on the upper right hand corner
  3. 3.
    Select “Add website”
  4. 4.
    You will be taken to the onboarding page of Seona again, where you can input the URL of another domain you wish to connect to Seona.
You can also switch between your different projects by clicking the dropdown in the upper right corner.
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